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Prestwich and Whitefield: The place for fitness fanatics! 27 March 2018

If you are looking to move house and fitness is your passion then taking a look at houses for sale in Prestwich and Whitefield could be just the answer. Boasting two large gyms, an abundance of yoga and wellness practices and a high concentration of martial arts masters, there"s no better place to be a fitness nut in Manchester than Prestwich & Whitefield.... Read More


In recent years, Prestwich has rapidly developed a reputation as a property hub for the young adult. With supremely easy access to Manchester city centre, an array of bars and restaurants that make it a worthwhile destination in itself, and a growing spate of upmarket yet affordable residential developments alongside gorgeous period housing, the area is a golden ticket for the first-time buyer.... Read More

How to find your estate agent soul mate 08 February 2018

HOW TO FIND YOUR ESTATE AGENT SOULMATE After a lot of serious thought, you"ve made the decision to break up with your home. Whether a heartache or a relief, the next step is one of the most important you"ll make while selling your property: who will play Cupid for you and your house? Here is a checklist to help you identify your ideal matchmaker, so that your home can find true love again.... Read More

5 Things To Make You Fall In Love With Prestwich 28 November 2017

1. The Green Spaces Prestwich is full of parks intermixed with lots of lively little playgrounds. On one side, there is Heaton Park (the largest municipal park in Europe!), on the other is Prestwich Clough with its miles of woodland and bike tracks, and in the middle is St Mary"s Park with its playground, tennis and basketball courts.... Read More

5 Reasons you Wished You Lived In Whitefield 28 November 2017

1. Nipper Lane This lovely old street is filled with Victoria Terraces that look like little Yorkshire cottages – a real hidden gem. 2. Sporting heroes If two wheels is your thing, then look no further as there are the best cycle routes including some wicked hills through Philips Park and beyond.... Read More

How to sell your house fast in north Manchester 28 November 2017

If it"s a quick sale you are after, here"s five tips for making it happen: 1. Make sure the front of your house looks clean and fresh - paint your front door! 2. Declutter, make your house feel as conventional as you can to appeal to as many people as can.... Read More


New all girl Prestwich Marauders FC team ‘The Sapphires" are set to shine in their first season with the support of new sponsor local business woman Jennie Platt. The new U11 team is the second all girl team from the Marauders, and will play in the South Manchester Girls league this season.... Read More