How to sell your house fast in north Manchester

Date Published 28 November 2017

If it's a quick sale you are after, here's five tips for making it happen:
1. Make sure the front of your house looks clean and fresh - paint your front door!
2. Declutter, make your house feel as conventional as you can to appeal to as many people as can. Remember, only a few people like quirky
3. Whitewash – freshen up the walls with plenty of white – a blank canvas makes it easier for viewers to visualise
4. Clean your windows – people notice!
5. Price it right – it doesn't have to be cheap, if you price it at the current market value and there is demand it will likely even take you over and beyond, even with a quick sale
6. Certificates – if you have done any alterations, make sure you have all the necessary certificates ready
7. Have a good solicitor lined up, and make sure they have all the info they need
8. When choosing your agent, ask them about how they will help you progress the sale to ensure everyone is in line and talking. You need to make sure someone at your agent is dedicated to making sure your sale doesn't fall through.