How to find your estate agent soul mate

Date Published 08 February 2018


After a lot of serious thought, you've made the decision to break up with your home. Whether a heartache or a relief, the next step is one of the most important you'll make while selling your property: who will play Cupid for you and your house? Here is a checklist to help you identify your ideal matchmaker, so that your home can find true love again.

- Get to know them first! As well as needing all the right accreditations, a worthwhile estate agent should be lucky in love already. Be sure to scour their online presence, testimonials and references for the necessary reassurance that your home will find the perfect match.

- Any agency worth a second date will have a thorough knowledge of the area in which you're selling, and will ideally have their headquarters there if they manage local properties. Using the appeal of the local neighbourhood is crucial in order for sparks to fly between property and buyer.

- Go for a consultation. Get together, face-to-face! It's important for sellers to meet a prospective estate agent in person, to better understand their ethos and atmosphere, and to see if they understand what you want – there's no other way to be sure you'll hit it off, no matter how promising they seem online...

- Do they understand the price you've decided on? They may be an estate agency, but nobody knows your home's potential better than you do. The figure needs to be mutually – and happily – agreed upon, so a realistic consultation is key; nothing spoils the beginning of a beautiful friendship like financial disagreement.

- Like in love, the main component of a property sale is the people – with all this in place, does the estate agent feel like the right person for you? It's not a small decision, and there's a chance both parties will be end up in a long-term relationship, so you should choose them based on who you felt most understood you and your home, and how to sell it in the way you want.

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